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World・s Largest Wind Turbine Test Facility Nears Completion (2012-05-15)

The U.S. is poised to develop the next generation of highly efficient large-scale wind power technology, as a massive wind turbine testing project in South Carolina reached a critical construction milestone this month. The new facility, to be operated by Clemson University as the Restoration Institute Drivetrain Testing Facility, will be the largest of its kind in the world. [more]

Towards sustainable development: Have your say (2012-05-15)

Earlier this spring, UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon launched the final report of his High-level Panel on Global Sustainability titled Resilient people, resilient planet: a future worth choosing. Calling for a range of coordinated measures that could be implemented, :that take us beyond regimented silos, and that have the potential to set us on a more sustainable path;, he urged development actors to rally behind the recommendations for launching a new, people-powered agenda for development which would eradicate poverty and promote inclusive, sustainable growth. :We need everyone to work together to create the future we want. [more]

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