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Mingde Elementary School

Sustainable Campus of Sunshine, Wind and Grass


Mingde Elementary School is located in Zhuo-Ying District of Kaohsiung City. With the decline of local communities, Mingde has to face the decline of students. More and more students choose schools in the downtown city. To attract more students, we decide to turn our school into a sustainable one, providing a green space for them in their study.


Kaohsiungˇ¦s Sunshine and Wind

Our sustainable campus project is mainly focused on Wind Power, Clean Energy, and Eco Protection. And our eco education will be based on the three topics.


Energy Recycling

The following will detail how we put energy recycling into our schoolˇ¦s sustainable development.

(1)   We installed a grid-connected PV system, which converts sunlight into electricity for our lighting and helps cut down our electricity bills.

(2)   We installed a grid-connected horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) and a wind speed meter on the teaching buildingˇ¦s roof. The system can help monitor HAWT and also serve as a part of teaching aids.

(3)   We recycled kitchen water and directed it into a water tank by the kitchen. Recycled kitchen water then was used for campus irrigation.


Sustainable Earth

Courses on recycled energy are becoming more and more important in our eco education. Our sustainable campus project also pays much attention to this part and tries to make these courses a set of mobile teaching materials. This new idea will be put on our official site. We believe the giant windmill, the big turbine, can attract a lot of attention from people passing by. In the meantime, the knowledge of HAWT can also pass around.

school location


  • Mingde Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Kaohsiung