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Ke-Jian Elementary School

       Our school cooperates with Fu-Lin (IL), Pei-Hu (_) and Ben-Gang (´) elementary schools and Datan (j) Power Plant (Taiwan Power Company) to propose a sustainable campus project aiming to build up a green and sustainable study environment. Ke-Jian and the other three elementary schools sit on the same coastal highway and share the same resources: strong wind and sunlight. Therefore, we decide to take the advantage and turn them into green energy. We installed wind and solar power systems and put them into our eco education. With the assistance from Datans professionals, professors of Chung Yuan Christian University and local communities, we combined the specialized knowledge and our green courses and proposed this sustainable campus project.


Ke-Jians Wind & Solar Power Systems


       The coastal plants and birds near Ke-Jian are actually a free teaching aid of our eco education. Students can approach nature and appreciate its beauty. As for the strong wind and sunlight in our daily life, after smart use, they are converted into green energy used to cut our electricity bills. The solar power system provides electricity for our toilet lighting. Such smart reuse of natural resources is green and economical.

       Through our energy-saving courses, students would know the true value of these natural resources around us. They would cherish the hard-earned energy more. Our sustainable campus project also arranged some DIY activities for our students to make some eco pinwheels, so that they can have broader horizons in sustainable development.

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  • Ke-Jian Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: Taoyuan