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NGOs take issue with UN take on sustainable development 2012-05-21

RIO DE JANEIRO — A month before a UN meeting on sustainable development, civil society is taking issue with the gathering's approach.


The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, known as Rio+20, takes place in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro June 20-22. In parallel, NGOs will gather for the People's Summit for Social and Environmental Justice.


"The discussions focus on a set of fake proposals called 'Green economy,'" organizers of the alternate event said on their website. "The 'Green economy,' contrary to what its name suggests, is one more stage of capitalistic accumulation."


The document -- titled "What is at stake at Rio+20" -- also alleges that the negotiation strategy at the upcoming conference favors rich governments and threatens the rights of indigenous people.


At least 116 government officials and 50,000 participants are expected to take part in Rio+20, including heads of companies and representatives of social movements.


The People's Summit will take place June 15-23.





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