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Taiwan Adventist Academy

Rainwater Recycling, Eco-friendly Fencing & Multi-layered Ecological Greening, and Power Monitoring and Control !

(1) Eco-friendly Fencing & Multi-layered Greening

This proposal aims to give a further push to our 2008 Three Footpaths Project (Ecology, Architecture, Landscape Art) enriching its content by tending the wild bushes to build a new wood path round the campus as an effort for slow living. We hope such advocacy can further students’ knowledge of the school environment, stimulate their interest in TAA’s eco-system, and build a sense of belonging to TAA.

The soil by TAA’s sports field is mostly of low water retention and plants grown there have only shallow roots, such as herbaceous plants and bamboos, and therefore don’t sustain good soil/water conservation. Rain water usually flushes the soil into TAA’s neighborhood or brooks nearby. To have better soil-water sustainability, we decide to grow woody plants instead, such as Formosan ash (Griffiths ash), Tung tree, incense cedar, Japanese blue oak, Formosan michelia, mahogany tree, etc. We also arrange an area for herbal plants and flowers on a gentle slope. It is our belief that an eco-friendly and colorful wood path with seasonal change of its appearance can certainly improve soil/water conservation; help river purification and revitalisation; and build up a sense of belonging and stimulate social activities among people living along the river.

(2) Power Saving, Monitoring, and Control

Though TAA has been granted a funding for a power monitoring system in 2006, electricity bills seem not to reflect remarkable power saving. Thus, to cut TAA’s power consumption and support the government’s carbon-cutting policy, we plan to launch a new power saving-monitoring system, setting up a monitoring center in the Office of General Affairs monitoring every classroom’s electrical equipment, e.g. air conditioners, lights, fans. Light sensors will also be installed in all eight toilets. We then will manage to raise a fund to change the lights into T5 lighting in all eight classrooms, and to turn the outdoor mercury vapor lamps into energy-saving ones. All these renewals will be put into our annual budgets and be completed by 2011 as planned. We hope these green efforts could act as friendly gestures to our environment and effectively slow global warming.

(3) Rainwater Recycling

The ground by TAA’s west fences was reserved for Life Philosophy use but has been left untended for quite a while. Now, with the establishment of a RC wastewater treatment system there, the place has witnessed our recycling of wastewater and rainwater. Wastewater from school washbasins is directed to a conservatory pond for recycling, and then recycled water can be used for neighbouring irrigation and help sustain TAA’s aquatic ecosystem. In fact, our campus is a big family of amphibious animals, only they don’t actually show up often. This long awaited conservatory pond is expected to play an important role in TAA’s biological education. Besides, more and more students volunteer to plant mosquito fish, Taiwan striped barb (torrent carp), paradise fish, and aquatic plants in the pond. They even try to put these valuable experiences into their science fair projects. Another interesting thing about the pond is that before its acceptance testing could be officially done schools and schools of tadpoles had already found their homes in the pond. It was amazing to see the ongoing pond work accompanied by tadpoles’ moving into our big family.

三育高級中學圖片1 三育高級中學圖片2
三育高級中學圖片3 三育高級中學圖片4
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  • Taiwan Adventist Academy
  • System: High school
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Nantou