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Yuemei Elementary School



We focus our sustainable campus project on rainwater harvesting, energy saving and monitoring providing an eco-friendly environment for our students and staff to observe and witness the growing sustainability at Yuemei.


(1)   Rainwater Harvesting

(a)   Requiring only simple equipment, our water recycling system collects and purifies rainwater as well as wastewater, and then keeps it in an underground tank, which helps supply our campus irrigation and dissipate heat on the roofs.

(b)   A board is erected around the underground tank to demonstrate the detailed steps of our water recycling system and serve as a sign of our down-to-earth approach to eco education.

(2)   Roof Insulation

(a)   We put some containers and watering kits on the roofs for rainwater recycling, and then we erect two sign boards as a part of our rainwater recycling education.

(b)   We build up some shade canopies with insulation nets on the building roofs to lower the temperature for students studying on higher floors.

(c)   Instead of leaving the building roofs as derelict sites, we green these places and provide a new eco-friendly space for our students to better understand the power-saving-carbon-reduction policy.

Interaction with Local Communities:

The following depicts how we bring our sustainable campus project into local communities:

(1)   Sustainable Campus

Our rainwater harvesting and roof insulation work helps our students understand and, further, appreciate these green efforts, so that they can know the scarcity of water resources in Taiwan and have wiser use of it.

(2)   Cool Down the Earth

(a)   Heaven’s Gift - Rainwater: the importance and scarcity of water resources

(b)   Raindrops’ Journey: the steps of our rainwater harvesting

(c)   Cool Down the Earth: solutions to global warming – energy-saving & carbon-reduction


We take our sustainable campus project as a blueprint for local communities’ sustainable development, providing them with a green space for activities and close approach to nature. Also, we encourage students to bring back their green knowledge and experience to their families and communities, so as to let sustainability root in their daily life.

school location


  • Yuemei Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: Taipei