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Mingde Elementary School

Sustainable Campus of Sunshine, Wind and Grass !

1.Though our buildings have a west exposure, we control the amount of sunlight that we allow to let in. We do not hang curtains in the classrooms because they will turn the rooms into a dark place with very bad ventilation. Then stronger lighting and air condition will be needed. Our method can effectively lower the temperature and does not require any extra electricity.

2. We green our buildings and grow more plants, native and coastal alike, on the campus.


1. We green the external walls of the first-grade building. The plants can provide shade for the classrooms and lower the heat, and, most of all, the classrooms can still have good ventilation.

2. We improve the lighting in classrooms by letting certain amount of sunlight in.

3. Every classroom is equipped with an electricity meter so as to monitor the electricity usage of each class and prevent over-consumption of energy.

4.Blackboard lights are all changed with T5 lighting. One of the classrooms will be equipped with all brand new lighting.


1. Our sustainable campus project is primarily focused on energy saving and interior improvement. We put these green efforts into our eco-education, so that students can learn that plants can provide natural shade and still keep good ventilation. The re-arrangement of lights in classrooms is for better lighting with no extra energy consumption.

2. Course Topics

(1) Improvement of light switches for energy saving.

(2) Difference between series and parallel circuits and how they affect power consumption.

(3)Introduction to general lights: energy-saving bulbs, incandescent lights, T5 lights and fluorescent lamps, etc. Compare their power consumption.

(4) Monitor and calculate our monthly electricity usage.

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  • Mingde Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Kaohsiung