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An-Shi Elementary School


       For sustainable development, we have allied ourselves with three local schools in Houbi Township, i.e. Yong-An (永安) and Hou-Bi (後壁) elementary schools and Hou-Bi Junior High School (後壁國中). We form an East Rice Ally aiming to focus our sustainable campus project on water issues.

       We have been granted funding for our sustainable campus projects on the eco pond since 2004. In 2005, we improved the permeable paving in the front. This year, we are going to focus on our environmentally friendly fencing.

       An-Shi is surrounded by waters on all sides: to the west sits Fu-Rong Pond’s (芙蓉埤) ditch; north Chianan Canal (嘉南大圳); east the irrigation ditch of the plantation of Wushulin Sugar Factory (烏樹林糖廠); south the ditch of local communities. They seem to serve as a moat for our school.

       However, the all-seasons dampness in the air has seriously rusted the fencing posts and posed a potential threat to students’ safety. We, therefore, removed the old fencing, lowered our new fencing, and greened it with plants trying to make it more environmentally friendly.

       An-Shi’s west wall is close to the 172 county highway, which is a busy main road between Sinying City (新營市) and Baihe Township (白河鎮) and is likely to be the cause of danger for students walking on the road. For this reason, we planned to build a footpath along the Fu-Rong Pond for students to avoid the traffic. We also hope that students can appreciate local people’s efforts to rebuild this pond, and take this opportunity to take a close look at the pond’s eco system while they take this road home. The school walls, however, were partially decayed and did not fit in with the local communities. We believed new environmentally friendly fencing would help us integrate into neighboring communities.

       Hence, we decided to take down those decayed fencing posts on the north and east sides, lower the school walls, and grow some plants around there. Then, students would be able to see farther into the landscape of their hometown and find the beauty of Wushulin Sugar Factory’s plantation.

       There is an old banyan tree on our campus. It is more than 90 years old but is getting weak. It has always been seen as an old grandpa in An-Shi’s big family. Now, the old grandpa is losing his leaves. We hope our sustainable campus project can help revive the old banyan tree and give it more growing space.

       It is because of this sustainable campus project that we have seen lower school walls, wider vision, and students’ participation in the sustainable development.

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  • An-Shi Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Chiayi