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National Kee-Lung Girls’ Senior High School


       Our last year’s sustainable campus project dealt with a rainwater recycling system, which collected rainwater and stored it in two tanks and an eco pond. The recycling system, powered by PV energy, provided water for campus irrigation. We even raised some fish and grew some aquatic plants in the pond, and, therefore, successfully turned the unattended corner into a popular site for students to chill out.

       This year, our project focuses on water recycling. We believe rainwater is the best gift from heaven and of vital importance in people’s daily life. Our rainwater recycling system collects rainwater and then supplies toilet flushing and campus irrigation. The reuse of rainwater can also reduce surface runoff and prevent flooding on the campus.

      We put permeable paving into our eco education by arranging some teaching materials next to the pavement. They are used to demonstrate the connection between soil permeability and hydrology.  This demonstration is intended to serve as an example of sustainable development for neighboring communities. We hope our school’s eco experience can help local people better understand the delicate balance of our nature and certain eco issues in our daily life. Our sustainable campus project is expected to function as a locomotive pulling local communities behind towards sustainable development.

       We also plan to run a couple of ecological workshops to increase our teachers’ knowledge in green education. Moreover, we built up multilayer green fencing and butterfly footpaths and set up a tropical plant area to fulfill our eco education and bring it into local communities.

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  • National Kee-Lung Girls’ Senior High School
  • System: High school
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: Taipei