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Chong-Liao Primary School


       Our last year’s sustainable campus project dealt with a rainwater recycling system, which collected rainwater and stored it in two tanks and an eco pond. The recycling system, powered by PV energy, provided water for campus irrigation. We even raised some fish and grew some aquatic plants in the pond, and, therefore, successfully turned the unattended corner into a popular site for students to chill out.

       This year, our project aims to use current gutters to direct rainwater into 3 12-ton water tanks. The collected rainwater will be used for campus irrigation and toilet use. If the rainwater is not enough, fresh water will be used instead.

       We planed to build a path with permeable paving along our campus walls. This path secured our students living in Shi Village (施家村) from traffic danger. Also, we greened this path and opened a small gate on the wall for those students to pass through.

       We installed a convertible shade canopy on the southern part of the teaching building. In sunny days, we pulled out the canopy to provide shade for the building and, therefore, lowered the temperature in the classrooms. In cloudy days, we pulled back the canopy to let more light in. This convertible shade canopy helped us save energy and cut carbon consumption. Besides, we changed the lighting in classrooms from 200 Lux to 350 Lux above for desk; from 350 Lux to 500 Lux above for blackboard. The new lighting can protect students’ sight and improve the lighting efficiency.

       Our 2009 sustainable campus project aims to combine our eco education with local communities. Through DIY activities, students and local people will learn the importance of energy saving, carbon reduction, and sustainability. We hope they can bring the idea of sustainability into their family and share their green experience with people around. Apart from these, our sustainable campus project will allow us to bring the campus into local communities, and invite local people into our campus.

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  • Chong-Liao Primary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Chiayi