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Hou-Bi Junior High School

Green Land, Rice Town !

       It is our first time to apply for a sustainable campus funding. We formed an East Rice Ally with local schools in our catchment area, i.e. Yong-An (永安), An-Shi (安溪) and Hou-Bi (後壁) elementary schools, to propose a joint sustainable campus project.

       Houbi Township is rich in rice. However, this year’s drought suspended the local rice farming. Therefore, we planed to take up this opportunity to focus our sustainable campus project on water saving and to teach our students the importance of water resources.

Aims of Our Project:

1.      acting as a local Energy Education Center

2.      improving our environment with rainwater harvesting, insulation, and energy recycling

3.      reuse of derelict sites; interior improvement; and energy education system

       The east wing of the teaching building has an eastern exposure and therefore has caused unbearable heat in the classrooms. With the gutter and double roof, we collect rainwater and direct it to a reservoir. In doing so, we not only cut the power consumption but also solve the leaking problem in the IT room. Besides, we put the rainwater harvesting tanks outside the library, collect rainwater from the east wing guttering system, and direct it to the roof of reading rooms. The showered roof effectively lowers the temperature of the reading room. Also, we use the harvested rainwater to irrigate this garden, and improve this space with multi-level greening and permeable paving. In addition, derelict sites by the library are reused as a water recycling workshop and also a study corner of the library. This rearrangement of untended places takes only pieces of our locally manufactured straw mats and some natural / healthy materials.

       We believe, in the foreseeable future, our school can be much more committed to integrating our resources into local communities acting as a platform to share all these experiences in eco education and sustainable development.



後壁國中圖片1 後壁國中圖片2
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  • Hou-Bi Junior High School
  • System: High school
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan