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Bi-Tan Primary School


1.      Rainwater Recycling

       We installed a slope roof on the north building for insulation and rainwater collection. The guttering system directs rainwater into three tanks, which can keep 13 tons of water in total. The whole collection process is electricity-free. The distribution of water is based on height difference. Collected rainwater is used to irrigate the campus and supply the eco pond.

2.      Lower Indoor Temperature

       We used three different methods for insulation. We hoped to lower the indoor temperature in a more sustainable way.

(1)   Slope roofing: we installed a slope roof for insulation and rainwater collection.

(2)   HDPE nets: we covered the roof of our library with HDPE nets of 80% insulation rate.

(3)   Green fencing: we set up some fences on buildings!| roofs and grew some climbing plants. These plants could provide certain shades for the building and green the place.

(4)   Classroom ventilation: we installed ventilators to each classroom to lower the heat.

3.      Sustainable Bitan

       The butterfly park on our campus allows us to observe the whole life cycle of a butterfly. We also fixed the eco pond to keep its aqua ecology. Eco pond and green fencing helped revive our campus and allowed us to see the wide variety of plant and animal life.

4.      Eco Education

       We erected signboards by these sites, so that students can have a better understanding of these green efforts. Our teaching staff were also determined to integrate the sustainable campus project into the courses of each subject. We even arranged some activities and field trips for our students to approach nature. Schumacher once said that we can!|t create wind, but we can all raise our sails; when wind blows, it is time to sail out. We believe the sail of sustainable development has risen at Bitan waiting for wind blows.

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  • Bi-Tan Primary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Chiayi