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Si-Jhou Elementary School


       With our staff’s commitment and local people’s unreserved dedication, our school spares no effort to promote sustainable development. To our gratification, we have seen some progress in our sustainable campus project, but we believe there is still long way to go.

       For example, flooding in the front ground is getting worse and has caused great inconvenience to students’ study and posed a threat to their security. Therefore, we focus our sustainable campus project on permeable paving to tackle this problem and protect our environment.

       Growing civilization has erected more buildings on our earth and large conglomeration of artificial structures is having a big impact on the climate. Buildings and pavement with poor permeability block surface heat from radiating into the cold night sky and cause more and more urban heat islands. Poor radiation / circulation also increases small particles in the air and worsens air pollution. In addition, impermeable paving keeps rainwater from moisturizing the soil, increases surface runoff, and jeopardizes the sewage system.

       Permeable paving, on the other hand, can help soil absorb heat and lower the heat island effects. After rainwater soaks into the earth, it can be absorbed by plants or help supply the underground water. Besides, the holes on porous paving can provide proper friction and therefore prevent slipping or skids.

       We put permeable paving into our eco education by arranging some teaching materials next to the pavement. They are used to demonstrate the connection between soil permeability and hydrology.  This demonstration is intended to serve as an example of sustainable development for neighboring communities. We hope our school’s eco experience can help local people better understand the delicate balance of our nature and certain eco issues in our daily life. Our sustainable campus project is expected to function as a locomotive pulling local communities behind towards sustainable development.

       There is still long way ahead in our sustainable campus project to turn our campus into an eco-friendly environment for study and for relaxing.

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  • Si-Jhou Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Changhua