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Sin-Shan Elementary School


       We form an ally with local elementary schools --- Guo-Yi (果毅), Ching-Shan (青山), Tu-Ku (土庫), An-Nei (岸內) --- as a center of eco education in south Taiwan. We aim to develop our campuses sustainably and turn them into local parks. We hope sustainability grows on the campus and walks into local communities. Our sustainable campus project focuses on the integration of eco education and local communities’ agricultural heritage and resources. Therefore, we give our project the title “Under 23.5?C Sky --- The South in Taiwan.” Our school pay special attention to water saving.

       We take up this opportunity to deal with the flooding problem on the campus in a more sustainable way. The following explains how we fight the flooding and save water resources.

1. Rainwater recycling: we install guttering systems to our buildings to collect rainwater. We recycle collected rainwater for campus irrigation, which helps cut down our water bills.

2. Ditch system improvement: we enhance our ditch system by enlarging its size and the width, so that it can work more efficiently. We even change some ditches into earth ditches for better water conservation and, therefore, lower chance of flooding.

3. Permeable paving: current paving on the campus is mostly cement-based or tar paving, which is not eco-friendly at all. To increase its permeability and conserve more water in the soil, we change parts of our school paving into permeable paving.

       A sustainable campus must focus on zero pollution and waste. For this reason, we buried all the construction waste in this project. We greened the burial site and made it a beautiful tiny hill. Our sustainable campus project not only tackled the flooding problem, but also helped us turn our campus into a more eco-friendly and attractive place for our students and local people.

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  • Sin-Shan Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan