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Chaoyang University of Technology


       We cooperate with local schools, Li Shin (立新) Junior High School and Gi-Fon (吉峰) Elementary School to propose this sustainable campus project focused on rainwater recycling and interior improvement.


       The following details our project:

Green insulation

1.      Location: the roof of the south teaching building.

2.  Action: we green the roof with plants, shrubs, gravel, and canopies. For lighter weight, we add rice husks into the soil. Also, we arrange some pipes for drainage and irrigate these plants with water recycled from the drinking water machine.


Cool down with water spray

1.      Location: the roof of the west teaching building.

2.   Action: we cool down the roof with water spray. We spray the roof in the afternoon when temperature is high. The water comes from the drinking water machine’s recycled water and from the pond.


Rainwater recycling

1.      Location: the roof of the theater.

2.   Action: we collect rainwater from the roof (about 499 square meters) and direct it into a tank for campus irrigation without any power consumption.


       These green efforts in our sustainable campus project will be put into our eco education and general education. We do these in a hope that sustainable development can become a basic knowledge and principle in students’ daily life.

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  • Chaoyang University of Technology
  • System: University
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Taichung