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Feng Chia University


The Planning of Ecological Greenbelt on Sustainable Campus


    The campus development mode of Feng Chia University in the past adopted natural development and lacked of integrated plan as well as full package design, therefore, in the future, the direction of her campus development must work toward an integrated, prospective, and sustainable plan to meet the demand of ecology. In order to accelerate the sustainable campus development, and to transformation traditional campus environment complying to implement the goals of sustainable development for greenbelt, ecology, environment, health, energy-saving, and resources-saving, a promotion of campus sustainable plan was managed. It is expected that the goal of campus sustainable development for educational environment could be achieved through the promotion on concept of sustainable campus development and actual improvement on environment.

1. Goals of sustainable ecological campus plan:

    (1) Creating the excellent learning environment to upgrade the international competitive ability for campus.
    (2) Integrating the resources of each department in the campus to mold the characteristics for department and college.
    (3) Applying green buildings and sustainable plan concept to structure for green cultural and educational environment.
    (4) Setting up digital, exquisite and multi-directional e-campus for sustainable development.
    (5) Reviewing overall campus and environment of the community to establish campus to be a good stage for growth.

2.Content of sustainable plan for ecological campus:

    Content of sustainable plan was investigated from the wide direction of sustainability, ecology, energy saving, and health of current campus to integrated plan for future school land increment and management. Finally, a representative, sustainable, ecological greenbelt campus design is going to present. Therefore, an interest comparison between new and old campus is provided as reference for future campus development plan and extension of characteristics of Feng Chia University’s campus.

3. Interest assessment of ecological greenbelt campus:

    The assessment of ecological greenbelt campus is generally classified into two parts: qualitative and quantitative assessment. In the part of qualitative assessment, the greenbelt campus is good for people’s health. Also it enriches the green view of the campus, and eliminates the heat radiation from sunshine. Moreover, there is less noise, dust in this area, and provides green shade for path walkers and rest place for passengers. Multi-layer mixture greenbelt zone also provides corridor movement and habitats for small animals, and furthermore, it also enriches the big area with great interest. However, because the project is under plan stage, the qualitative part is still hard to be assessed, this project is based on quantitative assessment. In the part of quantitative assessment, viewing all current assessment methods in Taiwan, the nine assessment indexes of green buildings promulgated by Research Institute of Ministry of Interior is the most complete one. This project is greenbelt plan and attributes to aim at ecological index of green buildings, therefore, this case is assessed by “creature versatile indexes”, “quantitative greenbelt index”, and “base water reserve index” to show up its ecological interest.

school location


  • Feng Chia University
  • System: University
  • Report year: 2003
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Taichung