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Fu-Lin Elementary School



Fu-Lin sits by a coast far from city noise. Strong wind coming from the sea rustles the leaves on the campus, and spins the giant turbines of Datan (大潭) Power Plant, both of which are special landscapes of Fu-Lin. In order to organize this sustainable campus project on “wind” and “light”, we cooperate with Pei-Hu (北湖), Ben-Gang (笨港), and Ke-Jian (蚵間) elementary schools and with our neighbor Datan Power Plant. We intend to use the natural resources at hand, i.e. strong wind and sunlight, as the subject of our sustainable development.

       Through our energy-saving courses, students would know the true value of these natural resources around us. They would cherish the hard-earned energy more. Our sustainable campus project also arranged some DIY activities for our students to make some eco pinwheels, so that they can have broader horizons in sustainable development.


Because natural resources are so easily available around us, we hope we can use them to build up a green and eco-friendly campus for our kids. The following lists our actions in this project:

(1)   We made some sign boards to demonstrate how our wind and solar power systems work. These boards would be a part of the teaching aids for our eco education, and pass green knowledge to local people visiting our school.

(2)   The LED display powered by wind and light was used for real time school news report and other information broadcast.

(3)   Our ceiling lights also used the electricity generated from wind and solar power and lighted up Fu-Lin’s corridors in the night.

(4)   Our sustainable campus project assisted by local communities and Datan’s professionals allowed our students to bring power-saving & carbon reduction into their daily life.

(5)   We bought some solar-powered assembly toys to arouse kids’ interest in energy transformation. They would learn that light can also power up these toys through energy conversion without charging.

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  • Fu-Lin Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: Taoyuan