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PuCian Elementary School


    PuCian Elementary School is located in Banqiao District, lacking natural resources with relatively low ratio of green cover. We had been promoting environmental education for many years, but we did not meet the demand of the curriculum due to external environmental conditions. Our waterlogged ecological teaching garden became a humid mosquito breeding ground and was gradually forgotten. In the Sustainable Campus Project, the pavement was revamped, cement and flower bed were knocked out so that plants could breathe freely, and the debris was refilled as gradation so that rainwater could infiltrate back into the soil to converse water sustainably.

    In addition, we raised funds to plant turf and introduce indigenous species in the hope that the ecological teaching garden can be used for teaching, observation, and recreational activities.

    Before the construction, fifth and sixth graders visited the garden for the last time in their reading class, where teachers explained the purpose of the revamping project. Third and fourth graders wrote compositions in their Mandarin Chinese class after the visit, whereas first and second graders collected fallen leaves to make animals with.

    During the construction, students investigated and measured the ecological garden and planted grass, so they knew how difficult the undertaking was. Through actual participation, they became more attached to the campus and the land. After the construction, teaching activities were designed for all students in line with the curriculum.

    Thanks to the improvement of the ecological garden, students at PuCian Elementary School were able to recall the aroma of soil. Many students came here to feel the dynamics of nature and life. Five fourth to sixth graders formed a group on their own initiative and signed up for an essay competition with an essay entitled “The Rebirth of Ecological Garden” in Taipei in 2015. Students are going to use their own language to tell the story of PuCian Elementary School to the academic world. We look forward to listening to their story and we would like to share the story with you sometime in the future.
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  • PuCian Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2014
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: Taipei