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Shui Wei Elementary School

A nature-shaoed sustainable campus !

Let the river flow into the campus and transcend it into a nature science classroom

An abundance of water and lush greenery have come to represent peace and tranquility .

Situated in Puli Township, Nantou County, the Shui Wei Elementary School is blessed by a natural ecology setting, a rare natural beauty that would eventually become a significant concept for the architects to integrate and develop its campuses at a later date.

While the essence in school rebuilding that lies in a nature coexistence philosophy has the farmlands surrounding Shui Wei Elementary School ingeniously transformed by the architect into a forestry school embellished by water and greenery. The results find a nearby irrigating water body routed to the campus, which not only serves to enhance the unique beauty of its campus but also helps to culminate a nature science classroom for all students.

A shared study area has been added between the fifth grade and sixth grade classrooms, separated by a drawn door between the classrooms and the study area, which serves not only to instill a sense of openness and ventilated air flow, but also helps to address diverse learning for a multitude of yield that it has come to provide!

A shared workspace has been added to the north side of the intermediary grade classrooms that helps to interconnect the classroom and gives the students easy access to it during classes! To integrate with the local climatology and geology, the architects have devised a labyrinth of outdoor classrooms and garden grounds, a leisure garden right by the offices, a nature observation deck in front of the nature classroom and an intern farm, with lookouts installed atop the building rooftop for taking in the starry nights or simply to get a panoramic view, in addition to a lecture podium opposite the auditorium in front of the music room. A lunch break deck has also been installed near the lower grade classrooms, with pagodas of varied sizes strewn around in the adjacent grounds. The inviting setting of mountains and waters that Puli has to offer also has a magical power to lure anyone to want to lie down and take a deep breath, for such recreational facilities, coordinated to such an enchanting setting, can only be likened to a master craft.

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  • Shui Wei Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2003
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Nantou