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Tung Fang Design Institute


    Our sustainable campus project focuses on interior improvement and green building materials. Details include:

     (1) improvement and analysis of indoor lighting; noise reduction. We changed the old lighting to energy-efficient one and installed more light tubes. Classrooms are equipped with sound-absorbing cylinders and sound-proof boards to reduce noise and improve learning efficiency.

    (2) We purchased some natural and green building materials for our students to practice interior improvement, for example: healthy indoor wood flooring; wardrobe and cupboard; water-based paints; wall boards; and interior accessories. The new lighting provides light 2.8 times more than old tubes. Noise is reduced 15%. 120 students in two courses have improved two places with the new materials.
school location


  • Tung Fang Design Institute
  • System: University
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Kaohsiung