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Dongcheng Primary School


1. Background
    Our school is located at the entrance of East Rift Valley National Scenic Area in Beinan Township (‥o?n?m). Although a small school, Dongcheng is a clean, lovely and harmonious place for our students to study. It is surrounded by mountains and currently employs 13 teachers for 65 students in 6 classes. The uneven surfaces on our campus had posed a threat to the students, so we planned to lay out permeable pavement to increase permeability of the soil.

2. Actions
    The old trees!| roots penetrated the surfaces of our ground and make the walkways on the campus uneven and dangerous places for students. Therefore, we decided to remove the old cement ground and to lay out permeable pavement. This not only protects the trees!| roots but also enhances the soil water retention. Students can utilize this opportunity to realize the connection between landslide and water retention. Besides, we improved the drainage system on our campus to prevent flooding in the low-lying areas. All the lighting in the classrooms is expected to be changed into energy-efficient fluorescent tubes. The circuits will also be rewired to cut electricity bills. We put a big water tank on the higher area to collect rainwater for toilet use. The reuse of rainwater saves water resources and lowers our water spending.
Dongcheng Primary School01 Dongcheng Primary School02
Dongcheng Primary School03  Dongcheng Primary School04
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  • Dongcheng Primary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Taitung