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Dong Hai Elementary School


Sustainable Dong Hai is the topic of our sustainable campus project. We hope to take this opportunity to improve the study environment of Dong Hai and to arouse students¡¦ green conscience, so that they can establish a closer bond with land and people.


In fact the ideas could be traced back to 19 years ago when Dong Hai was still a farm, a wild place, a football field, and a softball court. With the increase of population, people began to find they needed a school for their kids, a school at the foot of Li-yu Mountain (ÃU³½¤s) by Taiping Stream (¤Ó¥­·Ë). However, what the school would be like was a big issue for the local people, the principle, and the architect. At last they decided to make it a green school that could breathe and speak by itself.


Through a series of courses, students are invited to trace the origin of our school. Dong Hai is not just a place of buildings. Each plant, rock, and building has its story. Our principal Cheng, Han-Wen (¾Gº~¤å) once said that the environment speaks but we need to learn how to listen.


Hence, we realized the very importance of founding principles of our school. We had paved a road that leads us to sustainable development. The sustainable campus project funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE) should be taken as a beginning of sustainability, not an ending or just a fund to win.


We should let sustainability link every element of our daily life. We improved the study environment in a sustainable manner and made the campus an eco-friendly place for kids. And students were encouraged to further explore their living places and to live out sustainability.


Throughout the project, we have seen our teachers lead the kids in various exploration activities and our team members discuss green issues in countless meetings. All of these have become parts of our sustainable campus project and have left unforgettable memories to everyone involving in the project.


Finally, we have to thank Sustainable Campus Technical Expert Team for their professional assistance, all the local people and our partners who have given us their unreserved support to make this project happen. Truly we have made it in Mar, 2013.

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  • Dong Hai Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Taitung