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Yuanlin Junior High School


1. Background of our project
    The renovation of our campus took 7 years (2004-2011) and cost about 300,000,000 NTD in 3 stages. It was indeed a special case for Changhua government because it is based on green-building and access-free policy. It could also serve as a good example for other schools. With the sustainable campus project, we hope the campus can run more sustainable and greener, so that students can learn sustainability in such a comfortable environment. Environmental education begins with comfortable feeling. Good feelings gets you to push on. So we decided to focus the project on temperature reduction, campus greening, and higher permeability. We tried to find the balance between sustainability and practicability, and to set a good example for other schools.

2. Environmental education and our project
    Since it is the first year of our project, it is too late to put it into our school!|s schedule. New curriculum arrangement is also a challenge to the Academic Affairs Office. However we are glad to see more and more feedback from our teachers and active participation from students. For this reason, we even opened a science study club, so that students could propose their science projects or maybe got professional assistance from college faculties on some green issues. They could provide guidance for our visitors or other students and explained the environmental change and its effects to them. We manage to put the project into our schedule next year. With the club activities and our green courses, we hope to get wider participation from our teachers and students.

3. Support from the principal
    The project leader is our principal. When he was the section chief of elementary education in Changhua government, he had been dedicated to the promotion of sustainable campus projects, and highly appreciated by Executive. As a principal and the project leader now, he does put much emphasis on the importance of this huge-budget project, and more deeply think necessary to become a model. He is definitely the most important impetus core on this project to organize each division director, and encourage all our teachers and students to actively involve to related courses and club activities, apart from the construction work.
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  • Yuanlin Junior High School
  • System: High school
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Changhua