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Tai-An Primary School


    Our campus is huge enough to consist of one primary school and one junior high school. Located at a hillside, it is easy for us to collect rainwater and to recycle it for irrigation or floor mopping. Sometimes we use the collected rainwater to supply pond water or to improve the soil water retention. Our rainwater recycling can not only relieve water shortages, but also reconcile the overdevelopment of the mountain and the ecological destruction of soil and water conservation.

    1. With our sustainable campus project, we decide to base our school innovations on sustainability in a full scale, and to process it in stages or in years.

    2. We also plan to remove the asphalt pavement in the front yard and replace it with permeable paving. However, after second measurement, we find the construction of new pavement a bit beyond our budget. We hope to divert some funds from rainwater recycling to the new pavement, but we will make sure the total spending remains within the budget.
Tai-An  Elementary School 01 Tai-An  Elementary School 02
Tai-An  Elementary School 03 Tai-An  Elementary School 04
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  • Tai-An Primary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Miaoli