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Nang Ya Elementary School


Topics of our sustainable campus project
1. Low Budget & Low Pollution.
2. Energy Saving.
3. Green Conscience.

In order to put energy saving and green awareness into people!|s daily life, we proposed the following actions:

    A. We had changed the old lighting into T5 lighting for general classes and some special classrooms.

    B. So far, we had only five places with old lighting: LOHAS Room, two teacher!|s offices, stadium, and cafeteria.

    C. We put the five places above into this year!|s project to change all the lighting to T5.

    D. As for noise pollution, we kept our broadcast at an audible volume and encouraged students to speak at a polite volume. Besides, student clubs would be asked to keep their noise down.

    E. Apart from the green cleaning products, we focused on the improvement of the facilities for our kitchen discharges.

    F. We particularly emphasized our eco education on energy saving since it is the core of every environmental education.

    G. Our school!|s green conscience can be best manifested in our Environment Protection Club, which is about ten years old. We are proud of this club as it is dedicated to all the recycling and reuse work on the campus. Our permeable paving in the front garden in 2012 still required further greening and better permeability. We planned to increase its size and to grow more plants around that area. In addition, some old walls needed to be taken down and be replaced with eco-friendly fencing. Our school appreciated wide bio-diversity and this project is exactly aimed to arouse students!| green awareness and to promote sustainability on our campus.
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  • Nang Ya Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Changhua