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Ci-Xin Natural School


There is a saying in Yilan, ¡§No sufficient rain in April, no wet soil in May, but you have a scorching sun in June.¡¨ It means we have a very dry season in the summer time, and after that, we have to get well prepared for the following monsoon/flooding in the fall, winter and spring. Therefore, to adapt the local weather conditions, we decided to re-examine our sustainable campus project and made some adjustments.


There is a 45cm small waterway running between our campus and the neighboring driving school. This tiny 100m brook is for irrigation of the farm behind our campus. But nightmares come when the small waterway is unable to carry the overwhelming rainwater away in the rainy seasons. Floods come and devastate our campus year after year.


We proposed a sustainable campus project to collect and recycle rainwater and kitchen discharge. The collected water is directed to our farm for irrigation, then servers as part of our eco-friendly ditch, and at last flows to our constructed wetland.


We also digged a ditch around flooding areas and paved its embankment with some rocks. We aimed to make it a 60cm deep and 1-2m wide eco-friendly ditch, preventing floods, irrigating farms, adjusting the flow of the waterway, and serving as a teaching material for our eco education.

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  • Ci-Xin Natural School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: I-lan