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Guogou Elementary School


This year we focused our sustainable campus project on permeable paving and rainwater recycling. With the project going on, we have received much feedback and encouragement from neighboring communities and students!| parents. In fact, we were afraid there would be complaints about removal of the concrete pavements. But we responded patiently to every query and concern from local people and the parents. We tried to convey our green thoughts in the communication, so they accepted and supported. With active participation, some of their comments were quite helpful and creative. And many of them began to pay closer attention to our environment and facilities. All of these have encouraged us to try harder and keep going.

Being touched and feedback above, we began to think and examine our environment closely for any improvement, and planned to propose our project as an individual case instead of a joint one. We tried to work with local communities and to promote more activities on sustainable development and disaster prevention. In doing so, we aimed to turn our school into an Environmental Education Center for local communities. The proposed items in our project (permeable paving and rainwater recycling) may serve as a good example of energy saving, low emission and disaster prevention.

  1. Permeable paving

    A. Place: concrete pavements of the two sides of the platform.

    B. Problem: the protruding tree roots had lifted the pavements up and caused uneven surfaces. Apart from flooding, they had posed a serious threat to people!|s safety.

    C. Proposed solution: we dug out the concrete pavements and broke them into small pieces (about 30cm). The whole construction area was about 4.6x68.7x0.6m3. We laid a piece of geotextile filter fabric on the bottom of the site, refilled it with concrete chunks, and covered it with soil. We took down the stones adjacent to the flower bed and tried to connect the two lawns. We left the smaller concrete chunks on the lower layer, and let water percolate on the two sides. Since this passage is the main route for students!| lunch trollies, we used interlock bricks to pave a 1.2m wide walkway. We also laid some stones along the playground and directed water to flow into the playground!|s ditch system.

  2. Interior improvement

    A. Exterior insulation of the south building
The south building faces north and its southern classrooms suffer from strong sunlight. Therefore, students have to draw the curtains in the class. However curtains also cause insufficient lighting for study, and need to turn on the lights all the time. Hence, we hope this project can improve the insulation and provide sufficient light at the same time.
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  • Guogou Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Chiayi