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National Chiayi Special School


    In order to follow our governments policy on energy saving and carbon reduction, we base our eco education on recycling and energy saving. Some southern cities are suffering from subsidence because of overconsumption of underground water.

     In fact, each person of our school consumes 160kg water per day, which means he/she is going to consumes 32,000kg water per year. Therefore, the importance of water saving cannot be overemphasized.

     To make it happen, we decidde to begin with the recycling of rainwater and drinking fountain wastewater. We commissioned architect Liu, Rui-Feng to design our rainwater recycling system, and took the advice from professors Jin, Shu-Ren (¯e?e?H), Tseng, Chun-Ta (’??T1F), and Lai, Chi-Ming (?a±O?E) to direct rainwater and drinking fountains!| wastewater into the tanks in our basement.

     After basic water treatment, we pumped the collected water back to the roof and reused it for toilet flushing. It could also be used for our eco pond and campus irrigation. The storage capacity of the two water tanks is 925.7m3 and 2130.9m3.

     According to the size of our eco pond, we have to take 20% off from their capacity, as 740.5m3 and 1704.7m3. The roof size for rainwater collection of Administration Building and Rehab Building is 1217.5m2 and 1294m2. Since the average rainfall per year is 600mm, we calculated we could probably collect 1507m3 rainwater per year.
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  • National Chiayi Special School
  • System: High school
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Chiayi