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Guang Fu Elementary School


Interior Improvement, Ditch Improvement, and Emergency Lighting for Shelter Center


Our school is about 10820m2 in Guang Fu Village, Chung Liao Township, Nantou. We have 28 students in 6 classes. The campus is embraced by mountains. And after 921 Earthquake, it has been reconstructed as a green and lovely place for kids to study.


Our school has been dedicated to environment greening and green energy. In 2009-2010, we reused the derelict space on the campus and turned it into a Green Energy Center. We also installed some 2.1kw photovoltaic panels, solar-wind hybrid lamp posts, and an adjustable sun tracker. An insulation layer was added to the classrooms of the higher graders to lower the indoor temperature. Besides, we bought an 8-ton water tank to collect rainwater for campus irrigation.


In order to improve ventilation in the audiovisual room, we changed the doors into adjustable shutter doors. The sealed glasses were also changed to shutter windows. We put an insulation layer to the roof to insulate against the heat and lower the indoor temperature. Through these improvements, we aim to:

  2. lower the indoor temperature, make less use of air conditioning and electric fans, cut down carbon emission, and slow global warming.


2. improve the ditch so that rainwater will not rampage on the campus.


3. purchase a gas-powered generator for emergency power and lighting in the Shelter Center.


With the weather anomalies and rapid change of environment, we have to realize that sustainable development is the only way for people to get along with nature. And a sustainable campus will be the beginning for all to happen.

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  • Guang Fu Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Nantou