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Xian Ming Elementary School


Last year our sustainable campus project was focused on water resources. We improved the grease traps and cleaned the accumulated silt in the ditches. That was a very good start for our water treatment.


However, silt accumulation was getting worse in the southern ditch. More and more silt was carried into our eco ponds and caused them to clog up. Apart from the four eco ponds, there were also leaf mould and beetles in the area. Therefore, we planned to use multi-layer greening to deal with these issues in one shot. Permeable paving would be used to make our ditches more sustainable and to prevent flooding. Besides, we directed roof water into the green tunnel for our climbing plants and fronds.


Eco ditches


Our new permeable pavement helps direct rainwater into ditches and we aim to turn the ditches into eco swales.


Reopening of south eco park


There are four eco ponds, leaf mould, and beetle zone in the south eco park. However, the problem of silt accumulation was getting worse in the area and affected the sustainability of the ponds. Hence, we decided to improve the park and to reopen it.


Frond trail with high humidity


The green tunnel primarily consists of a frond tail, with some climbing plants. It has become an important site for our eco education. We hope to direct collected rainwater into this area to increase its humidity for the fronds.

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  • Xian Ming Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: I-lan