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Shuang Xi Elementary School


    Our school has been dedicated to sustainable campus for five years and has turned Shuang Xi into an eco-friendly school.

    Walking through our pebble-dashed mail gate in the morning refreshes one!|s spirit. Morning dew, singing birds and banyan trees are the best parts of our campusscape and show our wide bio-diversity. The sand playground attracts kids to have fun and guarantees high permeability.

    Our ditch system follows sustainable development policy and allows rainwater to permeate through tiny gravel and pebbles. Such an eco-oriented system can be seen in advanced countries, e.g. Japan Todai-ji (東大寺) and the deer park in Nara (奈良).

    The teaching building is equipped with new and colourful canopies to insulate against strong sunlight. They prevent western exposure and attract visitors!| attention. We also lay out some grass carpets under banyan trees to help grab more soil particles, so that the soil will not be washed into our ditches.

    We put a couple of big tanks on the roof of Dahua Building (大華大廈) and library to collect rainwater. There are 2 one-ton tanks and 7 one-half-ton tanks on the roofs that supply water for toilet use and campus irrigation. The collected rainwater helps us cut water bills and make the most of water resources.

    We have been working on interior improvement for years. Recently we have changed the lighting to T5 in the classrooms of our Teaching and Learning Center. The center offers the adult learning in the evening, and provides talent training for the kids in the weekend. Therefore, energy-efficient lighting is really a big relief for us.

    Walking around the campus, we do feel the improvement of soil quality and the green materials.
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  • Shuang Xi Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Chiayi