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Kuan Hsi Senior High School


    Our school has been a vocational school since 1924 before it was changed to a general high school in 2003. As a comprehensive high school now, it also teaches gardening, health care, food processing, and home economics.

    The campus is about 7 hectares and grows more than 140 kinds of plants. Its soil pavement constitutes 66% of total pavement, semi-permeable pavement 17%, and concrete pavement 17%. As for our eco education, we spare no effort to promote waste classification, recycling and leaf composting. Decayed leaves are reused as organic fertilizer for our plants. The soap we made by recycling used cooking oil is about 200kg each year.

    Besides, we regularly clean our neighboring communities and provide volunteer training. The trained volunteers can help certain green issues on the campus and take our guests on a tour of our sustainability facilities. We also decided to remove our concrete pavement and lay out new grass carpets, porous bricks, grass grids, compressed earth bricks, and some wood block pavements.

    The proportion of our students to campus size is quite low, and it makes the cost of our environmental management relatively high. This year we focused our sustainable campus project on an eco-friendly walkway and planned to create a space to demonstrate our aquatic plants. In addition, we improved the irrigation ditch and the pedestrian walks. We also put rainwater recycling on our to-do list so as to further boost sustainability on the campus.

    We hope to promote this project into local communities and to arouse their eco consciousness. With this project becoming parts of our daily life, students would learn the importance of energy saving and sustainable development.
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  • Kuan Hsi Senior High School
  • System: High school
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Hsinchu