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Cheng Kung University

Sustainable Green Campus Planning !

The Final Report of


    Sustainable green campus planning in university is part of “Green Campus Popularization Project” sponsored by Ministry of Education. Its main purpose is to combine the curriculum with sustainable development concept in order to reach the final goal—Knowledge can be found everywhere. National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) is located in Tainan, which is the most ancient city in Taiwan. Therefore, there are many historic monuments in campus. Furthermore, the campus is full of various plants and just like a city park.

    Before doing the planning, we have to do some investigations on ecological and cultural resources we have in campus first. We recorded every plant in campus and ranked its greenery by “2003 Evaluation Manual for Green Building in Taiwan”. We also investigated water usage in campus nowadays and tried to make some suggestions about grey water system. Since NCKU has a long history, we recorded the ancient monuments and searched for their history.

    Second, the visiting route is proposed to connect each monument or plant we have recorded in the beginning. This visiting route can be the demonstration of environmental education. On the itinerary, there are several information stations nearby. Visitors can use tablet PC or other electronic devices to get some latest information from our stations, then people can see what they can not see with their naked eyes without space-time limit. For example, people can see the purification process of waste water underground, or they can see what the ancient building formed before. We also set up our web site for the people who can’t come to visit. Its address is

In order to make our planning more complete, we propose several modification works along the route as following:
   1. Porous pavement design
   2. Ecological pond design
   3. Information stations in campus
   4. Wooden shelves for creepers and vines
   5. Grey water system in dorm
   6. Temperate swimming pool by using solar energy

Although we have set up our visiting route and made some modifications, we still can’t be the green campus without combination of curriculum and interaction with community. In the beginning of this project, the faculties from different professions joined together to give their advice and do some related investigations. When the program was finished, we held several discussions with other schools’ teachers and the communities’ representatives nearby. We not only explained our project verbally but we also showed them around based on our route. Moreover, we put this project in the lessons of “Community Planner Training” sponsored by Tainan government in order to pass the message to government officials.

Finally, we have gotten some achievements as following:

    1. Establishment of visiting route
    2. Establishment of campus information web site
    3. Integration of related professions toward sustainable environment
    4. Community participation in sustainable environment education

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  • Cheng Kung University
  • System: University
  • Report year: 2003
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Chiayi