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Salesian Technical School


    As a vocational high school, the main objective of Salesian Technical School Tainan is to teach students practical skills so that they can contribute to the society. We believe that school environment directly impacts the effectiveness of student learning, so we have endeavored to improve the quality of the campus. The main buildings on campus were built 40 to 50 years ago, so most facilities now fail to meet our needs and need substantial improvement.

     Creating a sustainable campus is a great learning opportunity for us. We turned construction projects into lessons and let our teachers and students participate in the projects, so that students could learn by doing and acquire the knowledge and skills they can put into practice in their future career.

    This time we applied for the air quality and classroom light switch circuit improvement projects.

  First, the auditorium on the seventh floor was humid, and the stale air often made students drowsy. When we attended the information session held by Municipal Jinsyue Elementary School, Principal Chen introduced the improvement project of their lecture halls with a pitched floor. That inspired us to improve our auditorium in a similar manner, and based on the statistics and feedback from our teachers and students, it has been proven that the improved auditorium works as well as we expected.

  Second, we enhanced the light circuit on campus. For students majoring in electrical engineering, it was not merely a construction project, but also an opportunity to gain hands-on experience.

    The project was implemented jointly by the industry and school, which allowed students to get to know their future jobs early in life. To save energy, just improving the circuit system is not enough; we also have to constantly educate students on how to use the light in an energy-saving manner and help them get into the habit of turning the lights off when they leave. With an improved teaching environment, students can learn better and teachers can learn better. We hope that the concept of sustainable campus will be deeply rooted in our teachers!| and students!| minds, the students!| scope of learning will be widened, and the seeds of life and environmental education taken back to each family.
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  • Salesian Technical School
  • System: High school
  • Report year: 2013
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan