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Shuangsi Elementary School


A Sustainable Shuangsi Campus

    A good teaching environment has a significant impact on students learning effectiveness, so Shuangsi Elementary School has always strived to create a people-centered teaching environment that caters to students needs. The sustainable campus philosophy echoes with our principle and goal, which was why we applied for the Sustainable Campus Project and made it our top priority. Through this project, we have worked with parents to improve local communities and passed on cultural heritage. Shuangsi Elementary School has transformed itself into a sustainable campus, and all students and faculty members are fully prepared to kick off another improvement project seven years after we first applied for the project.

    Once you enter our campus, you!|ll be impressed immediately by our surroundings. The first thing you!|ll see is the colorful sunshade on the right side of the building in the front. Don!|t underestimate its function. It protects the classrooms from the sunlight in the morning, and the bright color injects vitality into our campus. The adjustable angle of the blinds blocks the sun burning rays, and therefore creates gentler lighting in the classrooms and protects students vision.

    Upon entering the classroom, the aluminum door will catch your attention. You!|ll be surprised by how ventilation and air permeability have been improved after we installed the aluminum door with venetian blinds. We installed adjustable venetian blinds to the north-facing high windows, which not only improves the ventilation, air permeability, and air quality but also reduces CO2 emissions and saves energy. Now teachers and students are more spirited in a well-ventilated classroom.

    Keep on going, and you!|ll see pebbles covering the drains on campus. We got rid of the cement paving in the drains so that rainwater can penetrate through the soil. This is an exemplar of environmental sustainability, and it is the perfect teaching material to teach students that rainwater percolates into the ground and becomes underground water, which can be collected and put into use. In addition, to avoid western exposure in the library, we installed the colorful sunshade to reduce the air-conditioning use and save more energy. We also replaced the lights in classrooms with energy-saving ones so that we can reduce energy use and save the money spent on electricity bill.

    To sum up, it is evident that Shuangsi Elementary School has put a lot of efforts into creating a sustainable campus. Many schools have visited our campus to learn from our experiences. Not only have we set up a good example for these schools, but we have also formed a strategic alliance with them.
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  • Shuangsi Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2013
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Chiayi