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Yue Ming Elementary School


Planning Concept Our school is right next to the Wuweigang Bird Sanctuary, which draws numerous visitors. The plaza at school entrance affects visitors' first impression of our campus. We have been promoting a sustainable campus for seven years, but we still don't have an edutaining and permeable event plaza that symbolizes a sustainable campus. In the Sustainable Campus Project in 2010, we proposed to build a beach-like plaza, which was permeable and safe. Although it didn't look as grand as the one with sand dunes, dusts would not swirl in the air, and various activities could be held here. It became a plaza for students to get together, play sports, understand marine culture, and make unforgettable childhood memories. In addition, in the U-shaped building of classrooms, two rows of classrooms face natural littoral forests. It would be great if we can channel the anion-rich wind from the beautiful forests to classrooms because it's free and good for our health, and it is the most healthy and energy-saving temperature and humidity regulator. As a result, in this project, we hope to make the best use of this great natural environment, including changing the opening of windows to improve indoor air quality by allowing natural ventilation. We want to educate people the effectiveness and importance of both window design and natural ventilation and how biological microclimate contributes to improving indoor environment, reducing CO2 emissions, and conserving energy.


I. Construction Projects

  1. Green-Lighting Classrooms: It's very difficult to clean the old aluminum windows of our classrooms, and some rusty aluminum shutters are jammed. In this project, we will replace the old and hard-to-open aluminum windows, shutter, mesh, iron gratings with airtight tilt and turn windows made of tempered glass and plastic steel (with hidden screen windows). The construction itself will be environmentally-friendly, as we will not knock down concrete (no air pollution). It's also much faster, more effective, and easier to maintain and clean those windows. This project is also integrated with the existing physical environment and energy monitoring systems, so we will save money on electricity bills because of improved lighting and decreased use of fans. We will also hold teaching activities such as recording the changes in views outside the window and learning about the ecology of flora and fauna.
  2. Green Toilets: We will install light pipes on the roof of toilets, which not only improves the lighting of toilets and lowers the use of lights but also enables teachers and students to learn about and use different energy-saving design in person. We applied for this construction project under the category of Energy Saving, Carbon Reduction, and Resource Recycling”  and A Healthy and Efficient Learning Environment.
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  • Yue Ming Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2013
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: I-lan