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Kaoh Siung University



    The planning criteria of sustainable and ecology have been enforced in the campus of National University of Kaohsiung since 2000. Many ecosystems such as eco-reservoir and subtropical forest area, which were located at the west campus, have been successful established as remediation basement in campus. Based on the above experiences, it is valuable to conduct further investigation in our campus from the view points of both research and engineering practice.

    Thus, based on the principles of water recycling and green-architecture, a project of water-recycle system, which was sponsored by the Ministry of Education, was conducted in the east campus.

In the water-recycle system, first, either the in-campus sewage or the encompassed-campus irrigation water flow through a constructed wet-land for purification and an herb district in north campus. Then, the purified water was converged through a grass ditch to the east reservoir for both detention and eco-preservation functions. Finally, it was used as the source water of the leisure area located in the east campus. From the engineering practice view point, the technology of energy saving and eco-engineering method has been applied in the construction of water-recycle system.

    Furthermore, a strong academic support was come from the faculties, Professor Ching Yuan, Ty Yeh, and Hsing-Lung Lien, in Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering for this project. The constructed wet land has become an experimental field site for research and teaching. By the practical maintain and operation in the wet land, it is highly beneficial for the students to have a further knowledge of eco-sustainable for environment.

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  • Kaoh Siung University
  • System: University
  • Report year: 2003
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Kaohsiung