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Hsing Jhong Elementary School


[Overall plan]
    1. The school improves its campus environment to achieve its sustainable development goal. An overall plan is formed, followed by specific items by its priority due this year.

    2. The school focuses on environmental education related to sustainable development, energy conservation, and carbon reduction.

[Rainwater recycling and reuse]
    1. Rainwater can be collected using the space below the tilted rooftop and the recycled rainwater can be reused to flush toilets. In addition, water meters should be installed to monitor pipeline outputs.

    2. Permeable pavement is constructed to collect water, which is then used for plants.

    3. Because there is no tap water in the mountains, rainwater can be used instead in the RO system to produce drinking water.

    4. Rainwater is reused to water plants and lawns, as well as moistening the field and track.

[Disaster prevention]
    1. In our first inspections we find that although the retaining wall is leaning, there are no falling rocks at a large scale. The down slope of the wall is not a major road either. Therefore, it is unlikely to pose immediate danger.

    2. The multimedia classroom will serve as an emergency shelter. It is suggested that facilities, equipment, water and electricity supply, and emergency lighting be designed properly so as to ensure the effectiveness of disaster prevention.

    1. The overall lighting circuit should be modified. An adjustable lighting use mode should be proposed.

    2. Water and electricity supply of the shelter should be designed in a quantitative manner, taking the number of refugees and days into consideration.
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  • Hsing Jhong Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2013
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Kaohsiung