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Long-Chi Elementary School


Long-Chi, as its name suggests, is a virgin territory free of development and pollution. There are no boastful major constructions, hustling and bustling commercial districts, springing skyscrapers, or people everywhere. It is a pure land where students can learn from nature, such as the characteristics of resilience, sturdiness, and humbleness of bamboos. In this beautiful and unfettered environment, students are more likely to achieve success.


The buildings of the campus were old and poorly designed, resulting in bad orientation where the eastern, southern, and multimedia classrooms were exposed to excessive sunlight. Therefore, improving the indoor environment was necessary.


In the eastern classrooms, vertical, active, and stainless shading panels are now installed to better control indoor temperature and conserve energy without any discomfort glare.


Southern classrooms and multimedia classrooms are also equipped with fixed shading panels covered with stainless paint. They can also better control indoor temperature and conserve energy without any discomfort glare.


Air gratings are also installed in the two buildings above to efficiently discharge heat, improving ventilation and thus air quality.


The school works hand in hand with Long-Chi Junior High School, featuring water recycling, to achieve goals of sustainable development. Combined with community building and promotion of traditional industries, students can have a better understanding of what sustainable development really is. Through the Sustainable School Project, classrooms are rendered more comfortable, and students are instilled with the concept of sustainability. They will be more wiling to take action and become environmental protectors.

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  • Long-Chi Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2013
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan