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Guoyi Elementary School


Municipal Guoyi Elementary School is a typical village school that has been established for 94 years. The campus abounds with lush plants, chirping birds, and buzzing insects, which is akin to an open natural park. With such advantage, the school has been committed to developing a unique green campus. However, spanning 2.6 hectares, the campus was faced with problems caused by outdated design. Most of the pavement on campus was prone to absorbing heat, becoming inundated with water, or even limiting tree growth resulting in their bulging roots. This not only was unpleasant to the eye, but also undermined safety.


Former principals addressed this issue from a macroscopic perspective and led the faculty and students to improve the environment by examine neglected areas, low frequented facilities, concrete pavement, the interlock bricks square, and campus vegetation. These efforts aimed to create a user-friendly environment and provide a recreational space for the community. Mr. Chou Ming-Yi, the current principal who took up the post in 2012, has taken bold measures to reform. In response to recent developments of the school and to intense rainfall caused by climate change, a three-year blueprint was drafted in order to improve the drainage, ventilation, and lighting systems, construct permeable pavement, and enrich the soil. This project is submitted to the Ministry of Education on an annual basis. In 2013, the project was approved by the Ministry and became subsidized:


1.The concrete flooring material of the classrooms in the southern building was removed, shredded, and filled back below the soil. In addition, taking ideas from the Chianan Irrigation, green spaces and ecological aisles were developed to collect underground water. Multi-layers of ecological greening and compost areas were also set up to carry out environmental education and enrich the ecology.


2. A sliding glass door was installed in 3 classrooms of the southern building, for better view and safety. Transom windows with curtains were also installed to improve ventilation and air quality.


3. The general lighting system was replaced with energy-saving T5 lights. To strike a balance between illumination and energy conservation, the central light control system, which just had one switch, was changed to individual controls switches.

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  • Guoyi Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2013
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan