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Meibei Elementary School


    Meibei Elementary School is very motivated upon receiving the 2013 Sustainable Campus Project funding from the Ministry of Education. We replaced some of the classroom lamps with T5 tubes and reorganized the lighting circuits of the 1st to the 3rd floors of HongGuan Building. Our efforts on !§energy conserving and managing protocol!‥ are to improve luminous efficacy, conserve energy and enhance the teaching environment and quality. We introduce environment education into students!| learning process and teach our students a more efficient way to use lights. Gradually students will build up good habits of cherishing energy and electricity. Our efforts on !§improving the interior!‥ are to enhance ventilation and lighting of the 1st floor!|s toilets by setting up ventilation louvers. We also set up ventilation louvers in front of our offices to reduce the heat and better the ventilation.

    We rely on our environment when it comes to teaching and learning. A sustainable campus can be critical in actual curriculum and other forms of learning. Teachers and students can gain a lot through interacting with and experiencing a sustainable environment. One of our goals in promoting Sustainable Campus is to foster our students with the spirit of caring for nature so as to really care for nature in their lives.

    Principal Lin Jian Zhong from New Taipei City proposed the idea of !§community as classroom!‥. Green School should be without border and extend to the community around it. Meibei!|s promotion on Sustainable Campus allows students to experience live and build a sustainable environment and life style. Through environment education, a sustainable campus is created and students are well cultivated. On the one hand, Sustainable Campus equips our students with affluent knowledge on nature and environment. On the other hand, Sustainable Campus also draws teachers and students closer together. After the completion of renovation projects within the campus, the campus has more to offer to children and to community. A greener and friendlier environment also benefits the community and equips the community with the knowledge of sustainability.

    Meibei wishes to create a learning paradise for children through capitalizing the rich natural resources it possesses. We value children!|s opinions and responses and work hard on fostering students!| creativity and competitiveness through creative teaching and curriculum development. We bring together a borderless campus with the community and build up an amiable school that can best present local cultural and prosperity with limited resources.
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  • Meibei Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2013
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Chiayi