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Yuanlin Junior High School


    Yuanlin Junior High School is located to the east of Yuanlin town, which is near Pusin, Dacun, and Yongjing towns of Chuanghua County. The area is highly populated and urbanized as well as boasts a convenient transportation system. In addition, a variety of shops and stores also make the town the center of the southern part of Changhua County. In the future, a total of 184 hectares of lands in the east will undergo land readjustment, which is expected to attract more people and boost spending. In light of this, the area surrounding our school is important because it bears the responsibility to pass down cultures and arts as well as educating members of the local community.

    Our school was established 50 years ago. We have torn down the old buildings and built new buildings to the latest standards for seismic-resistance and green buildings. This 5-year plan was approved by the MOE. In response to soil liquefaction, we have carried out ground improvement and laid raft foundation, which is resistant to earthquake of more than 7.0 magnitude. The raft foundation can store water and serve as a shelter in times of disasters. In addition, given that the school is equipped with solar panels and rain harvesting systems, and energy and resources classrooms, our school is the best place to teach students about sustainable campus.

    There are three main buildings, which were built in line with laws and regulations on green buildings, on campus. However, in order to reduce indoor temperatures in summer and the use of air-conditioner, it is necessary to install sunshades, which is especially needed outside the windows at the southern part of the classroom because of glare affecting students in the afternoon. Therefore, we have made a plan to improve the indoor environment over the next few years.

    To the east of the campus lies an irrigation tunnel, whose elevation is higher than that of roads. When our school was first established, we suffered from floods. To address this problem, we, at the early phase of renovation, increased the height of the embankment by 1.5 meters. The current embankment is just like a fence, preventing floods. One problem still remains. The main drainage channel to the west is higher than the shielded playground. In 2010, we diverted the funding for renovating playground and increased the elevation of playground by 45 meters. The main drainage, the lowest part, now suffers floods whenever it rains. We wish to solve this problem in this project.

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  • Yuanlin Junior High School
  • System: High school
  • Report year: 2013
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Changhua