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Nan Gwang Elementary School


    Nan Gwang Elementary School is located in the east corner of Puli Township of Nantou County. The school district is large but has convenient transportation, and its residents consist of a mix from the agricultural and manufacturing industries. There are currently 1295 students enrolled in the 46 classes of our elementary division and 132 students in the six classes of our kindergarten. With a staff count of almost 100, the entire school has over 1530 people. The school was reconstructed after the 921 earthquake hit the old school building. The new buildings surround a central plaza, and contain a fuse of Chinese architecture such as grilles, which emphasizes the spirit of user involvement. Our school has six main buildings, four horizontal and two vertical. The Administration, Zhizhen, Zhishan, and Zhimei buildings are horizontal and the Special Subjects and Chengde buildings (activity center) are vertical.

    The town of Puli is located between the Mei and Nangang rivers. The rivers branch out from Wu River in the upstream and join at the foot of Guanyin Mountain. As Puli gets on average 2120mm of yearly precipitation, making various potential debris-flow torrents in the school district prone to landslides, the school serves as an emergency shelter for community members. The school stores many emergency first aid kits and supplies on campus for use in case of emergencies. We hold disaster prevention educational trainings with these facilities. In case of a disaster, we serve as an emergency shelter and also a place to stay for the members of our community.
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  • Nan Gwang Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2013
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Nantou