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The Affiliated Senior High School of National Chi-Nan University


I. Energy Conserving and Management Protocols Details:

    1. Before improvement: Twelve 56-watt lamps installed horizontally in each classroom, for a total of 12*56 = 672 watts per classroom (average illuminance)
    2. After improvement: Nine 56-watt lamps installed vertically in each classroom, for a total of 9*56 = 504 watts per classroom. The average illuminance is between 380 to 400 watts.
    3. Two new 112-watt T5 tubes replaced the original 76-watt blackboard lighting lamps, as there was not enough light originally. In the new lighting setup, each classroom would save 132 watts. Our 38 classrooms would save 5016 watts in total, which is roughly a savings of 6 kilowatt hours * NT$3/kilowatt hour = NT$18/hour.
    4. The circuit is changed to parallel classroom windows, allowing the first and third columns of lamps to be turned off if there is enough natural light.

II. Miscellaneous Plans
  Many cardiac arrest victims die from the inability to receive timely and adequate help in Taiwan because most people in Taiwan do not know how to perform CPR or operate automated external defibrillators (AED). Schools should serve as a training base for not only academic, but also lifesaving skills. Educational training in CPR and AED should be promoted, so the campus can be a safer place for everyone. At the same time, it can raise students!| awareness of correct lifesaving procedures. Below is how our school distributes AED.

    1. According to the American Heart Association!|s CPR guideline, institutions of more than 250 people should have AED available.
    2. The AED should be set, with setup and maintenance costs considered, in locations reachable within 3-5 minutes in case of a cardiac arrest.
    3. The AED should be available in on each campus, building, and nurse offices.
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  • The Affiliated Senior High School of National Chi-Nan University
  • System: High school
  • Report year: 2013
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Nantou