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Nanya Elementary School


I. Our objectives for a sustainable campus are: environmental friendliness, energy saving, and green ideas.

II. The details of our objectives are:

  A. Environmental friendliness: we aim for our staff and students to lead an energy-saving, low-noise, and low-polluting lifestyle. Below is our method of execution:

    1. As a part of the Sustainable Campus Project, we planned to finish the construction of the LOHAS classroom, counseling room, and two staff offices in 2013. The old lamps in the student activity center were replaced with T5 tubes. Additionally, the twelve classrooms of the west building had their switch circuits revamped.

    2. We will monitor the volume of speakers and ask students to lower their voice. We will monitor the sound generated by the Environmental Protection Drum Band and other sport clubs.

    3. Low polluting: apart from buying eco-friendly cleaning utensils, we will focus on improving the grease intercepting devices of our school kitchen.

  B. Energy saving: we want to reinforce the spirit of environmental awareness and ethics. The school will incorporate the ideas of resource and energy saving into our curriculum to raise environmental awareness among our students and teachers. In 2013, we finished setting up sunshades of the west building, which improved our classroom environment and reduced our light usage. This all makes our campus a better place for learning.

  C. Green ideas: we want to encourage an eco-friendly school culture by buying green and carrying out recycling and reuse. Our Environmental Protection Drum Band has been established for nearly ten years now. Not only is the team a symbol of our school spirit of recycling, but also a stage for students to showcase their talents confidently. In the 2012 and 2013, we installed permeable pavements in the front courtyard Still, there is room for improvement, for instance, increasing the number of green areas and permeable pavements. We hope that in the future we can increase the area of permeable surfaces, revive tree pits, make good use of tree pits, green the top of embankment, and plant various plant species. Additionally, we hope to tear down parts of the reinforced brick wall and erect a green, community-friendly fence, rendering the campus amiable and in turn attracting more community members to our campus.

We are rich in ecological resources and enjoy a rich biodiversity on campus. We follow the practice of green consumption. Through our work on green procurement, we have created a culture of environmental protection for our teachers and students.
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  • Nanya Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2013
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Changhua