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Da-Chen Elementary School


Da-Chen Elementary School is a community elementary school founded 50 years ago. There are 50 classes in the elementary school, four classes in the affiliated kindergarten, and a total of 1,550 teachers and students. Located in the heart of Tainan, our school enjoys a positive school spirit and is the model for education development. Therefore, promoting campus sustainability in our school will encourage other schools to follow suit.


Our school has been engaging itself in community activities. The campus is open to the community for the purposes of recreation, athletics, and continuing education and learning. Therefore, our school, located in the center of Tainan city, plays an important and irreplaceable role in education, community development, and defining the role of the community.


In 2013, our school applied for the funding for building a sustainable campus. With the assistance of other parties, we have fortunately been granted the funding and begun the project, which consists of two parts:


The first one is conserving energy and reducing carbon emissions (using energy-saving design and monitoring measures). Seats by the windows are able to receive sufficient sunlight. However, it is dark at the center of classrooms. With the old light circuits, we have no choice but to turn on all of the lights. We will change the light circuit in the classrooms and install new circuit to flexibly control the lights. When the seats by the windows are able to receive sufficient sunlight, we will turn off the lights by the windows. By doing so, we can turn off a row of lights and reduce energy consumption.


The second part is creating a healthy environment conducive to learning. Our school has five buildings. The eastern building has ten classrooms, and the western building has 14 classrooms. Both of the buildings are aligned in a north-south direction. Some of the classrooms have not been installed with ventilators. We will install more natural ventilators to decrease indoor humidity and temperatures. In addition, we will reuse the existing sun-shielding materials to make adjustable blinds to enhance sun-shielding effect and increase ventilation in hopes of improving indoor environment.


Our school is always open and closely tied to the community. After the project is finished, we will promote sustainability in the community and help to build a sustainable community and society.

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  • Da-Chen Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2013
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan