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Pingtung University of Science and technology

Reconstruction program !

The Planning of Sustainable Campus for National Pingtung University of Science and technology


The site of reconstruction in south – eastern corner of campus nearby Neu-Cha-Wan creek was originally fish ponds before the properties were transferred to our university. After nearly twenty years of abandon fishery operation the site now become a lowland ecological environment and attract many different species of plant and animals inhabit into the area. Along side the lowland existed bamboo community planted on the slope region for soil and water conservation purposes. All together this area has become a best potential outdoor exhibition site for biodiversity and ecology. However, presently in the lowland area is predominately occupied by paragraph which may slow down the future development of the composition of bio-organisms within the area. The purposes of this project are to reconstruct the topology and plant composition in the lowland, to provide a outdoor classroom for environment and ecology education, to enrich the biodiversity of plants and animals in the area, and to establish our campus as a central education base for adjacent neighborhood.


The geological distribution of this site is located in the midway for many migration birds and geese. The soil and water conservation program in this area can surely protect the lowland ecology so it can now inhabited many plants and animals, such as reptiles, birds and lamp bugs. The vegetation is composed of native trees, mushrooms etc. Walking or strolling in the area can enjoy and increase knowledge on the plants and animals.


This reconstruction project will first complete the changes of the landscape on the entire region. Then, new wetland vegetation of different local species will be installed. Woody trees of diverse character will also be planted to attract more insects ( such as butterfly ) and birds. So, the enrich of the biodiversity and ecology will be established. With the concept of sustainable management on campus, the investigation on bio-organism succession will be carried out by professors and students in associate field and data can be reported onsite for educational purposes. The protection program of this area will be carried out by maintain group on the campus and research project can also be conducted to enrich the knowledge on ecology. Above all, a new and finer quality of environment will appear on campus and can be shared for all people around the region.


【Keywords】sustainable Campus, Wetland ecology, Biodiversity
*Professor-Director, Research Center of Environmental Technology

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  • Pingtung University of Science and technology
  • System: University
  • Report year: 2003
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Pingtung