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National Ilan University


       The Ilan region has a great number of rainy days with abundant ground water. Compared with other areas in Taiwan, Ilan has relatively more sufficient water resources, but it does not mean that water does not have to be conserved. Most tap water supply in Ilan comes from groundwater, and tap water has been overused, which may cause excessive groundwater pumping in order to meet the demand.

        Besides, the industry and commerce have been developing rapidly in Ilan in recent years, so water conservation needs to be promoted in order to use water resources effectively. The blueprint of National Ilan University maps out the water management on campus. We hope to increase the number of permeable areas to recharge groundwater. In addition, in line with the descending topography from west to east, we hope to connect the blue and green belt system well.

        Rainwater utilization systems with a raft foundation are used in new buildings, whereas the rainwater recycling systems have been improved gradually in old buildings. The auditorium was part of the pilot project in 2014, which is used most frequently by faculty members, students, and people in the neighboring community. A rainwater recycling system was installed to promote rainwater recycling and sustainable use of water resources.
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  • National Ilan University
  • System: University
  • Report year: 2014
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: I-lan