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Dong Guang Elementary School


    Mother Nature is everywhere. We care for every seedling, and to allow children to return to nature, we aimed at building an ecological campus in the summer of 2013.

    Located in the remote Guanxi Township in Hsinchu County, Dong Guang Elementary School has 65 years of history. Disadvantaged students (kids from single parent families, new immigrant families, or those raised by grandparents) account for 52% of the student body. We are faced with the problem of declining birth rate and increasing number of dysfunctional families. Many students do not have the opportunity to get to know the land they live on although they live in rural areas. To boost students!| health and confidence, we applied for this project to build an ecological campus with an eye to taking good care of each student and transforming the campus into a place where all students are nurtured. In the summer of 2013, we heard students asking, !§Why don!|t the seedlings on campus grow well?!‥ whereas teachers asked, !§If students are not willing to learn, what can we do?!‥

    Henry David Thoreau once said that nowadays due to technological and urban development, children born in nature drift away from it and forget the beauty and virtue of life and the ecological system. By building an ecological campus, we try to bring back what has been forgotten. In this project, we plan to devise a !§water recycling and reuse!‥ curriculum in line with the 12-year compulsory education roadmap. With this curriculum, we hope to allow our students and those in neighboring schools to enjoy exploring nature through hands-on experience, which in turn nurtures students!| love for the campus, the community, and Mother Nature. We want our campus to become a place where students can keep their innocence, and all faculty members and students can enjoy their time spent on campus.
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  • Dong Guang Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2014
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Hsinchu