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ChungShan Elementary Schoo


    1. Energy conservation, CO2 reduction, resources recycling!Xenergy conservation design and monitoring measures To effectively improve energy use efficiency on campus, we changed the indoor light fixtures into energy-saving ones. We also installed loop systems with zone control to enable better indoor lighting and lower electricity consumption more effectively.

    2. Environmental sustainability and eco-cycling!Xpermeable pavement The open area surrounding the outdoor stage on campus is the major activity space for students, where outdoor game facilities are installed. However, due to the 35cm-high wooden platform and the hump of the aerial roots of plants, the ground is not level enough, which poses a threat to students doing activities there. In order to solve this problem once and for all, we plan to install permeable pavement in the surrounding area in this open space. We also plan to install a permeable bioswale to increase the percentage of pervious surface area, conserve water in the soil effectively, and achieve the pre-cooling effect through evaporation so that we can have natural ventilation in classrooms.

    3. A healthy and efficient leaning space!Xenvironmental improvement indoors To avoid an overheated indoor environment and glare in classrooms caused by direct sunlight from the west, we plan to improve the external sunshade and air ductwork in the corridor in the west of the Jingxue Building Complex. We hope that the installment of vertical external sunshade can block the strong, direct sunlight from the west. We also plan to tap into southwest monsoon through air ductwork to have better, wind-driven ventilation indoors and increase the quality of the environment.

    4. Natural disaster preparedness and rescue as well as emergency evacuation!Xwater resources and electricity system The open space surrounding Huoqin Building is relatively low-lying, so serious waterlogging happens when it pours. To prevent runoff from accumulating on the surface when it rains heavily, we plan to improve the drainage system in the open area surrounding Huoqin Building. We also plan to install pervious discharge canal and permeable catch basin to keep the pavement in the open area dry, effectively conserve water in the soil, and solve the waterlogging problem.
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  • ChungShan Elementary Schoo
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2014
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: Taipei